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Movie of the Day: Winter's Bone

Check out Bundler's guide to the film.

Why Watch It Now?

It expires from Hulu (and Amazon) this week, along with some other Hulu titles you might want to check out.

Any Other Reasons?

For the most part, Winter's Bone is remembered today as Jennifer Lawrence's breakthrough role. Perhaps the Southern Gothic trend died out too soon for this film to have the cultural durability it deserved (or just migrated over to prestige TV); maybe Lawrence's more marketable movie franchises overshadowed a dark story about a destitute Ozark family and hillbilly omerta. Still, Debra Granik's feature is more than just a star-making turn or even a chilllingly brilliant supporting role from John Hawkes. The film thoughtfully examines the harsh realities and persistent social conditions in the forgotten parts of the American South, crafting a portrait that's equal parts bleak and beautiful. And yes, J. Law is excellent in what's still her best performance to this date.

Don't Take Our Word For It

On the Other Hand...

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