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Movie of the Day: The Lobster

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If anyone walked out of your screening of The Favourite after realizing it wasn’t a delightful "Masterpiece Theater" costume drama, Yorgos Lanthimos’s first English-language movie would have been a good primer for the director's uniquely bizarre take on human relations. The Greek maestro's lo-fi sci-fi tale of loneliness in the age of data driven dating alternates between absurdist humor and cringe-worthy tension. The first half of the film is a techno-horror story dressed in the trappings of a romantic comedy; the second half switches to a romantic comedy buried in a dystopian thriller. The enigmatic final shot, which intentionally leaves the film's biggest question unresolved, remains one of the boldest endings in recent memory, a sadomasochist's alternative to the spinning top at the end of Inception. Again, Lanthimos's movies aren't for everyone, yet his devoted cult of fans no doubt appreciated the inside nod to this film with the lobster racing scene in his most recent awards season contender.

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