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Movie of the Day: Results

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What Is It?

A personal trainer (Cobie Smulders) and a struggling gym owner (Guy Pearce) take on a wealthy new client (Kevin Corrigan). Yet their fitness-based mantra of personal success gets tested by the limits of crippling depression and self-destructive behavior.

What’s Cool About It?

Andrew Bujalski’s (sorta) romantic comedy is deceptively weird and off-kilter. At its core, the film examines the strange intimacy of one-on-one transactional relationships that have become standard in the new service economy, while also making wry observations about suburban American life. Results features compelling performances from three underutilized actors who get to show their range: Cobie Smulders can do more than sitcom jokes, Kevin Corrigan has done supporting work in just about everything, and Guy Pearce gets to use his Australian accent for once.

Wait, Is This Mumblecore or Like a Mainstream Comedy?

Bujalski is considered the godfather of mumblecore, the lo-fi sub-genre that dominated 2000’s independent cinema. Although arguably only a handful of his films – perhaps only his first feature, Funny Ha Ha – deserve to be considered as part of this movement, Bujalski inevitably gets labeled as a mumblecore director. If anything, Bujalski’s films reflect the style of a director who uses his budget efficiently to tell stories that walk the fine line between sad and hilarious. Like his earlier mumblecore works, Results deals with flawed characters who are their own worst enemies, but it does so in a much more energetic and refreshing narrative style. Indeed, between this film and his recent “Hooters” inspired comedy Support the Girls, Bujalski seems more interested in peering into the bizarre cracks of American socio-economic culture than the sexual hang-ups of twentysomethings.

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