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March Madness For Millenials

The official start of spring means that, unless you live in Indiana, Kentucky or North Carolina, you suddenly care about college basketball (at least in proportion to the payout on your bracket entry). Big sports events remain the major obstacle for most cord cutters, but March Madness actually has several cable alternatives. CBS features 24 of the games, including the Final Four and the National Championship. Casual sports fans looking to get the most bang for their buck can consider signing up for CBS All-Access, which offers a 7-day free trial and $5.99 per month for commercials and $9.99 without commercials (except on live programs, which includes all the NCAA games). Conveniently, or perhaps deviously, CBS All Access also plans to release the long-awaited update of the Twilight Zone from Jordan Peele, so prestige sci-fi/horror nerds can also stick around for that.

Of course, if you’re devoted to the fortunes of a particular team or are generally aware that college hoops occurs before the vernal equinox, you may need a more expansive option. The other games air on TBS, TNT, and, because words have lost all meaning and nothing actually matters anymore, TruTV. Hulu Live includes not only all those but also CBS among its channel options. The real fans and that guy who spent all of 2019 researching teams and wants to see his carefully selected bracket fall to pieces in real time should consider this, which includes the same 7-day free trial and a $44.99 per month fee. Subscribers also have access to all of Hulu’s regular content and over 60 plus live channels, meaning you can enjoy every step of the Big Dance, binge watch Shrill, and then catch up on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives reruns via the Food Network.

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