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Last Chance in 2018

As New Year’s approaches, annual self-reflection gives way to inevitably unfulfilled resolutions. While the actual date has no real power or cosmic significance – other than that perhaps in our own little solar system, Earth is closest to the sun on January 2nd – the holiday’s true cultural impact drives us to check off as many unfulfilled tasks as possible on the 2018 bucket list. For some, that means paying all outstanding debts (lucky them). For others, it’s seeing friends who’ve lost touch or family members one more time before the ball drops. In this spirit, Bundler has compiled lists of titles that will no longer be available come 2019. Savvy Bundlers will note that we provide this service at the end of every month. Streaming services cycle titles pretty regularly, but this is one is like special, okay?!? Here are some suggestions for movies to watch before the clock strikes midnight on the current year.


Two relatively forgotten films from the 1990’s deserve one more look before the year ends.

Like Water For Chocolate – It’s surprising that Alfonso Arau’s magic realism through cooking story hasn’t had a resurgence in epicurean pop culture. This adaptation of Laura Esquivel’s international bestseller created the template for food porn on film.

The Iron Giant – Before he was a celebrated Pixar visionary, Brad Bird made his feature debut with this ode to the golden age of sci-fi and giant robots. A then unknown former bouncer named Vin Diesel portrayed the title role, honing his ability to balance gravely voiced gravitas with a soft emotional center.


For sports fans, the New Year means the end of football’s dominance and the rise of basketball. Here are two cager classics before the real thing starts to heat up.

Hoosiers – Most people consider this saga of small-town Indiana basketball to be the best dramatic film ever made on the sport. Unfortunately, one of those people includes Mike Pence, but he's a big fat homer.

Blue Chips – If Hoosiers hits the nostalgia buttons on hometown heroics, this movie offers a more cynical look at the business side of school sports. Most notable at the time for Shaquille O’Neal’s portrayal of a character more or less based on Shaquille O’Neal, Nick Nolte also drew on controversial coaching legends Bobby Knight’s inner demons for inspiration.


A sci-fi cop, some male strippers and two Old West outlaws walk into a bar on December 31st.

Blade Runner 2049 – Full disclosure: reactions to this were totally polarized, I never got around to seeing it. This is the one I’m planning to watch out of curiosity and (a perhaps misplaced) faith in vintage Harrison Ford and director Denis Villeneuve.

The Full Monty – Think that the disaffected working class struggling with a crisis of masculinity is a relatively recent development. The greatest male stripper movie of all time – bring it, Magic Mike – begs to differ.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – This cowboy classic takes on added resonance this year with the retirement of star Robert Redford from acting and the passing of writer William Goldman.

To see more recommended movies expiring at the end of January from Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more, click HERE.

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