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Deal Alert: One Month Free from CBS All Access

More MacGyvers, please.

It’s okay. We’ve all thought it about it at some point. Maybe you just wanted to familiarize yourself with procedural crime dramas based on acronyms (CSI: RIP). Maybe seven seasons of The Good Wife was eight seasons too few. Maybe you’re a cord cutting Bears fan who just realized the team is actually good this year and need to scramble to watch them play on Thanksgiving. Whatever the case may be, your inner Sheldon has always made you curious about CBS All Access. Well, the service is offering a special Black Friday promotion of one month free if you sign up by Monday 11/26 (Use code: STREAMFREE)

In addition to streaming flagship original series like The Good Fight and Star Trek: Discovery, CBS All Access features everything in the expanded Big Bang Theory and NCIS televisual universes, live sports including the NFL and SEC college football, and Stephen Colbert. The exclusive original programs also include the offbeat Australian cop comedy No Activity, the “flyover country” murder mystery One Dollar, and, starting in 2019, a Twilight Zone revival hosted by Jordan Peele. If all that isn’t enough, ask yourself where else you can find two MacGyvers for the price of one?

Some details for football fans: With CBS All Access, you can want Auburn at Alabama Saturday 11/24 (3:30pm ET) and the following games on Sunday 11/25:

1pm ET:

-Jaguars @ Bills or

-Patriots @ Jets or

-Raiders @ Ravens or

-Browns @ Bengals or

4:25pm ET:

-Steelers @ Broncos or

-Dolphins @ Colts

Again, it’s one month for free. We’ve all been tempted. And Thanksgiving is the season of American excess. What better time to try CBS All Access? Click here and use code STREAMFREE by 11/26 for one free month!

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