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Best Picture of the Day: Rain Man

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Why Watch It Now?

Winner of four Oscars, including Best Picture, Actor, Director and Screenplay (written directly for the screen, in Academy jargon), Barry Levinson's 1988 road trip drama has long been considered a contemporary classic. Does it still deserve that status? For starters, there are concerns about how the #metoo allegations against Dustin Hoffman and the Scientological weirdness of Tom Cruise change what was once viewed as two premier actors doing some of their finest work. Beyond these off-screen considerations, does the film's critique of 1980's materialism and sympathetic portrayal of a character on what we now refer to as the spectrum still pack the same artistic and narrative punch? Or is the film most memorable for informing a generation of moviegoers to the air safety record of Qantas and the art of card counting?

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Don't Take Our Word For It? Or the Academy's?!?

On the Other Hand...

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