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Best Picture of the Day: All the King's Men

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Why Watch It Now?

Now that we know which movie was selected the "best" film of 2018, we turn your attention to the movie that was deemed the most worthy contender of the 1949 releases, disappointing all those who had pegged The Heiress as a potential underdog in their Oscar pools. Robert Rossen's account of a politician's rise and eventual fall was adapted from Robert Penn Warren's novel, which itself was a fictionalized version of the life of Lousiana governor Huey Long. Despite this history, a story about a populist politician's spiral into corruption and megalomania might have some relevance today.

Bonus Trivia, Awards Edition: Along with Gone With the Wind, this is the only Best Picture based on a novel that won the Pulitzer Prize. Both Driving Miss Daisy and You Can't Take It With You were based on Pulitzer-winning plays.

Don't Take Our Word For It?

The damn movie won Best Picture! Want to see other Oscar winners? Bundler has all the Best Pictures fit to stream.

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